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Yearly Archives: 2009

Sashi & Tyson {Married} Pt.1

We were all so said when we had to leave these guys. At the end My second shooter Wendy Moya said “I am going to be so said to say good buy to them” Sashi and Tyson congratulations you guys we had so muchView full post »

Elvi & Mark engagement!!!!

Yeah! a beautiful engagement session in beautiful Sonoma Ca how could you go wrong? I know it has been forever since I blogged but I have been supper busy with weddings and starting school again :( Oh yeah and we got aView full post »

Vacation time

Just to let you know I will be done in beautiful Minnesota starting this next week. If you need to get in touch with me feel free to email me. :)View full post »

The Kavannaugh’s {Petaluma family photographer}

I totally lucked out! beautiful time of night and beautiful family :)View full post »

Summer time

It hit me today that my summer vacation time is at the frantic part. What I mean by that is it is at the part where I am trying to fit every thing I wanted to do but procrastinated on in the last 3 weeks. It seems likeView full post »

Rowen 3 weeks Old {Petaluma baby photographer}

Rowen is the most awake baby ever. He did not shut his eye for the whole time I was there but at least he was happy… for the most part :)View full post »

Sara and Nate How the Magic happened {Petaluma wedding photographer}

As I write the title to this I find myself cracking up. Not only because it is the most dorky blog post title but because this is what Sara said in her e mail to me about how they met! Let me back up. Sara and I met wayView full post »

Comming soon Personal styling!!!

Yes I know it has been forver since I have blogged but it has been becasue I have been supper busy! I have some esciting new things I will be talking about more but to start with I am pairing up with some one amazingView full post »

Senior 2010 {Marie}

I am so happy to have the beautiful Marie help me kick off the 2010 season!View full post »